Monday, June 7, 2010

Two Process Books

Hi everyone. I want to apologize for not updating this blog for exactly two months now. It was finals time at school and I was too busy actually making my projects to be blogging about them. But now that it is summer, I'd like to share with you all the things I've been designing for the past two months. For about the next two weeks, I will be posting every day until I've gotten through the (way too long) list of projects still to be written about here. However, if you want to comment, I ask that you do it through either twitter (@karenkavett) or email (karenkavett at gmail), just so it is easier for me to reply. Thanks for reading, and let the blogging commence!

Today's book is actually from fall semester, from my Color class. It is my final book, and since I had to hand it in basically as soon as I finished it, I never had time to photograph it until I got it back about 2 weeks ago. It is your basic process book showing the projects done each semester with a short description of each one, but I am proud of the design I came up with considering how little time I had to put it together.

Another book I had to quickly make and wasn't able to photograph until now is the process book for the animation I made for Making Meaning during fall semester:

It is a fairly simple book, just going through the process of watching and transcribing the movie, looking for inspiration, storyboarding the animation, and finally making the final product.

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