Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today's post isn't about a school project but a really nerdy thing I just did on my own. I was having a really strong urge to paint something about two weeks ago, so I decided to customize my boring white clock. Being the huge Doctor Who fan that I am, I painted it to be TARDIS themed. I first painted the rim a dark blue, layering on bronze, silver, and black to make it look more wooden and aged. Then I designed a custom insert for the actual clock, copying the design of the sign on the front of the TARDIS. I printed it on watercolor paper to give it a little more texture, and added some paint around the edge so the transition from the blue to the off-white wasn't so drastic.


  1. yummmm. I want it! How much? :P
    It's awesome.

  2. This is seriously quite possibly the coolest Doctor Who-themed thing I've ever seen because it incorporates the idea of time right into the object. I would seriously buy one (and maybe more than one) if you're interested in making more of them.

    You can tweet me or email me at gmail if you want to talk about it. Same username everywhere. (And if not, that's cool too. I totally understand.)

  3. Simply beautiful. I'd buy one too :)

  4. Yes , many types of clocks available in market, but i like your post,& most like your clocks show in post.