Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Looking for Alaska Cover

Another John Green-related project today. Today I'm going to share with you the cover I designed for the contest John Green's Dutch publishers put on, where they asked nerdfighters to design the cover for their new edition of Looking for Alaska. This was right in the middle of what was probably my busiest week at school which is why it isn't necessarily my best work. I only had about 4 hours to work on it one night, and there are definitely some things I would change now. However it is already sent off for consideration so I can't really fix it now.

When I was designing the cover, I wanted to use imagery from the book without making it too literal. It is meant to appeal to teenagers so I tried to use bright colors to make it really pop off the shelf. If used, I would ask that the silhouette of the girl be replaced with the iStockPhoto one I traced, but I didn't see the sense in spending $15 on the download if it wasn't going to be used.


  1. looks great! I like it way more than the US paperback cover

  2. I can't see the picture for some reason :(

  3. For some reason recently I can't see any of the pictures you post on your blog :(

  4. Nice cover, but you'd have to replace the English sentences with Dutch ones should it be chosen ;-)

  5. It looks fantastic!


    (New reader here)