Sunday, June 13, 2010

Final Review Photos

Today I don't have just one project to show you but many. Namely, photos from my final review at the end of junior year. Basically, all the graphic design majors must bring all their finished work from the entire year to their appointment to get an overall review from their assigned professors. Even though we don't get a grade from it, it is an incentive to have all of our work finished and in one place, and it is helpful to be able to see it all as a whole. My review went really well this year, and here are the photos I took of what I had set up.

The work that you can see in the edges of some of the photos is not mine; it is by my friend who had her review after mine. So don't think I'm not showing you guys everything, because I most certainly am. Well, except for some of them which I'm not really all that proud of and don't want to show off in high quality. But I'm showing you the rest =)

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