Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Analog Photography

If you read the post a couple down from this, you know that I'm taking an analog photography class this semester. The first couple weeks were kind of an epic fail, in which I couldn't figure out how to open the camera, then how to get the film out of the canister, and then how to change the developer so the photos would actually develop properly instead of all gray and gross. I think I've overcome most of those obstacles, and since we finally learned how to englarge photos in the darkroom, I thought I'd show you guys the ones I developed. Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.

(You can probably tell that I really like using my macro lens.)


  1. I like them! Especially the Bobble John one. :-P

  2. I like the direction you're taking with your choice of content for the class

  3. The John Green Bobblehead is kinda creepy. It looks like he's off to cause some trouble (w/ a capital T).

  4. The dinosaur with the alarm clock is my favorite, easily-- it's the alarm clock to frame and highlight the dinosaur that looks pretty cool.

    But in general, nice use of figurines and the John Bobblehead. :)

    ~ Jethro.