Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome to karenkavett / blog

Hey everyone. I'm not exactly sure how to start this blog, so I guess I'll just jump in. The purpose of this blog is to show my artwork. You're probably thinking, Wait, don't you have a website? Why do you need two places, you self-indulgent person? Well the reason is that this is will be a place to show work that isn't professional enough to go on my site (like fanart) and to show work that will eventually go on the site when I update it several months from when I make the piece and I don't want to forget it existed (did you follow all that?).

Of course, in the interest of full-disclosure, I will admit that I have previously attempted to blog and epically failed at it. I started one in 2008 which was abandoned after 3 posts. However, I'm really going to try to keep this one up, and if I begin to lose interest, just poke me (...through the internet) until I update again. Also, I will admit upfront that I am not a very good writer. There is a reason why I went to art school and not liberal art school, and why I will make posters for fun but will procrastinate for 5 hours for a paper that takes 30 minutes to write. So don't be expecting blogging on the awesome level of Maureen Johnson, because that's not happening here.

Anyway, I hope that was a suitable explanation for why I am starting this blog. Expect more posts (with actual art in them) soon.


  1. Following. Looking forward to some awesome art. =)

  2. *followed*
    Don't worry about seeming self-indulgent, Karen. By the end of the summer I could well have two YouTube channels, two blogs, a twitter and a dailybooth account all for little old me XD