Sunday, May 31, 2009

Photo Manipulations

Today I'm going to take a break from graphic design and show you guys some photo manipulations. For a while in high school, I entered contests on, and while I usually didn't do very well, I occasionally did alright. For example, this piece got something like 8th place in an advanced contest, which was pretty cool. The contest was to put wings on an object that usually doesn't have them, so I made a flying anvil. This was made in January 2006.

This one was made for a class in high school, in April 2007. I forget exactly what the assignment was, but I decided to manga-ize my face, and put the two sides of my personality on the two sides - the art and creative stuff on one side and the math and organized stuff on the other side (yes, I was kind of a math nerd in high school).

Next are two invisibles. These are some of my favorite manipulations to make, since they combine using the clone tool to obscure part of the photo with using the brush tool to draw in parts of the clothing that need to be there. The first is of some random model, but I'm really happy with it, especially since it was one of the first ones I made, back in December 2005. The other one is of Hank Green of the vlogbrothers, which I made to give him on the Boston Tour de Nerdfighting stop in October 2008.

One last note, I haven't really been getting a lot of comments on this blog. I'm not going to sit here and beg for them, but I really do appreciate what you guys think, so any feedback is welcome :)


  1. That Hank pic is awesome. Might have you work on an album cover in the future that has a full band like that. Keep it in mind if I'm ever whining on skype about not having an album cover idea.

    The wings look really nice too, good job blending the textures.

  2. These are really great, Karen. I absolutely love the Hank one.

  3. I'm a big fan of "invisables" and your stuff (both that which you've shown here, and that on your website) is top notch!

  4. Are you implying that being a maths nerd is a BAD thing? Mathematics is the second-most awesome subject in school (after Physics)!

    Those invisibles are amazing and the manga-you is... well... pretty terrifying actually.

  5. I love your work, Karen. Thank you so much for showing these to us!