Sunday, May 31, 2009

DFTBA Wallpaper

Today I want to share with you a wallpaper I made yesterday based on the song DFTBA by Hank Green. I think I got the idea on the train to LeakyCon but only felt like fleshing it out and actually making it yesterday.

To make it, I first wrote out DFTBA in the typeface Din (which incidently is the typeface RISD uses in all their publications, so I kept getting reminded of RISD flyers while making it). I decided to use Din because it was bold enough to fit lots of text inside and it was narrow enough to not look oddly proportioned on a wallpaper. Then I laid out all the text for the letter D, using many different typefaces which I don't feel like listing here (if you want to know what a specific one is, feel free to ask). Then I laid out the rest of the letters, keeping the typeface and color consistant for each phrase and trying to keep the size as consistant as I could, though some of them had to be made larger or smaller to get everything to fit.

That's about all there is to it. I may work with it more in the future to give it an actual application, but for now I think it works fine standing alone as a wallpaper. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!


  1. I really do love this wallpaper - I even chose it over a dozen of awesome gaming wallpapers (which is a big deal for me). I'm sure Hank would be most proud of it :)

  2. I really love the colors =D Especially that shade of blue

  3. Awesome wallpaper, Karen. =) I will most definitely have to use it.

  4. Very sleek wallpaper! I've been using it at work, and people keep asking keep what DFTBA stands for. I tell them the usual, but that it's pretty versatile. :)

    ~ Jethro.

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