Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MoMA Photography

On Sunday the 25th, my friend Bin and I decided to get our art on and visit the Museum of Modern Art. It was fun, and I took a ton of photos, which you no doubt can see below.

There was an amazing typography exhibit which is going to be taken down this week (which is why we went on the day we did). So many of those posters I've cited as inspiration throughout my time at RISD, so it was amazing to see them in real life. I didn't want to leave, but there was more art to see.

I love the room showcasing useful objects as art. So many of them are incredibly beautiful.

You could just see some of the typography posters through a window. And it's the MoMA, so of course the architecture is amazing.

This artist named George Maciunas kept the boxes of all his household objects for an entire year. The display was beautiful and a bit disturbing at the same time as we see just how much stuff each of us consumes.

I didn't really understand the video piece happening here, but the camera was absolutely beautiful.

You guys know me - I can never resist huge typography.

The bale of hay in the middle of this room smelled so good. I loved watching all these different types of people walk by it, then do a double take and lean in closer to smell it.

I didn't get the artist's name, but the way these ads were manipulated is hilarious and beautiful.

Portrait by Picasso. I'm not always the biggest fan of his work, but I thought this was gorgeous.

I have no idea what this thing is, but it's boat-shaped and purple and squishy and I want one.

Cloth book by Louise Bourgeois. I would love to try to make one something like this one day.

In the sculpture garden, they had a wish tree, in which you would write down a wish and tie it on. My wish proves that I am a nerdfighter through and through, and Bin's wish proves that I am not the only person in the world obsessed with typography.

Sorry this post was so long! Leave a comment below if you wish to.


  1. Your friend is also very pretty.
    What does a typographic super-hero do on their day off? I hope Phantom Papyrus didn't amend any of the exhibits.

  2. ah yes I love the moma too! Love your pictures/ inspirational messages... I went just a few weeks ago to the museum and actually saw the purple boat-sculpture - I really liked it too, but then I read the plaque and saw that it's a huge phallic symbol! Needless to say it's a little less adorable after that...

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