Sunday, June 7, 2009

Unfinished art

Today I'd like to share some art that I started a while ago and don't really plan on finishing anytime soon. However, I think they still have some potentional so I'd like to share them.

First is this Illustrator piece that I was working on in August 2006 to enter into one of these contests. The skin was fairly easy since I was working right on top of the photo but I was a bit intimidated by the hair and never got around to finishing it.

This was just a random vector illustration that I decided to make one day in December 2007. However, I never really had a use for it so I would periodically forget about it, then come across it in an old folder and try to think of a use for it, and then forget about it again.

Next is a layout I was working on in January 2008 for when I was going to put together a website for my duct tape stuff. I doubt I'll ever use it, but I still think it's kind of cute.

Finally is a logo I was working on in February 2008 for the Chudley Cannons (a Quidditch team from HP) which I was going to put on a purse. I actually think I still have the purse I was working on so if I can find it I might put a picture later. I'm not sure if I'm still a fan of the font, but I might try to work with it more if I have time.


  1. I love your work Karen - especially that vector drawing. It's a shame you never found a use for it because it's brilliant!

  2. Yeah, your work is always very creative and original Karen :) Think you're gonna go far!

  3. Good stuff! You've definitely got a future in design.

  4. The Cannons logo is really good. It's hard to pull off grungey anymore, but it works here.