Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I said in the last post that I would share some other drawings here. These are probably the only ones you'll see since the rest are kind of embarassing how terrible they are. I don't know, maybe my standards are too high, since half my friends at RISD are illustration majors and they're all incredibly talented. But whatever. Enjoy.

This is probably the drawing I'm most proud of. It was for the RISD home test, which is where they give you three topics and you have to submit drawings of them as with your application and portfolio. The one they do every year is to draw a bike. I spent about three weeks on this, even though it was also from a photo (don't tell the RISD application people). However, if I had tried to do this from life I think I would have permanent neck damage. Anyway, it's in graphite on 18"x24" paper.

This one was also for the RISD home test, and the topic was to draw whatever you want in graphite on 18"x24". So I decided to draw a deer skull with a piece of rope and my dad's gun (it's heavier than it looks). This one probably took about 2 weeks, and I'm pretty happy with it, especially the texture on the skull which took forever. (For full disclosure, I'll admit this was also from a photo).

Ok, this one was from life. It's a drawing of a model I made for drawing class first semester, which was later turned into the larger drawing below. The sketch is in charcoal pencil and the final piece is in charcoal. I'm actually happier with the sketch than the final; I think the little figurines turned out kind of adorable.

This one was also from a model for that class. I don't really have much to say about it since I don't think it's that great of a drawing. It just took forever to get the perspective looking almost acceptable (still not perfect). Oh, maybe I should also explain what it's of. The assignment was to draw an event that happened in our childhood, so I chose the time that a bat got into my room and my mom had to hit it with a racketball racket and trap it under the garbage can.

This was from my second semester drawing class (yes, it was required, otherwise I never would have taken it). I probably spent a good five or six hours getting this to where it is now, so when I remember that day I kind of want to rip my eyes out in boredom.

Finally, this is also from that drawing class. It's really big, probably six feet across, and I also wanted to rip it into tiny little pieces because drawing it was so painful. I think I spent two classes on it, which would probably add up to more than 12 hours in total. I still think the drawing really sucks, but after putting that much time into it, I might as well put it out there.


  1. No kidding, Karen - these drawings are stunning. About a million times better than the stuff I drew for my art exam (although my cardboard cut-out of Nelson Mandela was so popular with one of my teachers that he took it from the school cellar when I left - true story). The bicycle drawing in particular is fantastic - before I clicked it for the bigger version I could have sworn it was a black and white photo.

  2. i've noticed that you are very detailed... like detail is what you focus on

  3. Oh, you and your silly humility. These are far better than anything I could do . . . not that this is saying much, but still. Amazing. =)


  4. I am stunned by the bicycle drawing, the detail in the wood grains is so fantastic.

  5. I love the little people on your charcoal drawings of that model, especially that one in the front that's falling over!

    With that depth drawing from your second semester art class, it shocks me how much effort it takes to realistically produce certain kinds of perspective. I never took any art courses in college, but I'll bet a lot of people would want to scream out of frustration just as you did when making this sort of drawing.

    ~ Jethro.